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#NYFW: Fashion Libraries and Librarian Fashions

Fashionable Librarians

Librarians are stereotypically known for making fashion statements with the ultimate bookworm accessory, glasses. With fashion week in our midst I wanted to highlight the mutual appreciation between the library world and the fashion industry.

I love the sweethearts who send photographs of their librarian outfits to Librarian Wardrobe.

The Coach company history plays an essential part in their design process. This video from The Selby is an inspirational look at the Coach archives.

This photo spread of Swedish Librarians is a “do.”

The private library of Karl Lagerfeld. I’m expecting lots of books about Regency-era collar design.

The Smithsonian’s take on America’s most prominent week of fashion.

And remember even though you may hate those shoes from a few seasons ago, to an archivist, they’re just another item for the collection.

Images: Librarian Wardrobe, Anders Kylberg for Vice Magazine.

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