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The New York City Archives Map

natalie holding map image 8

Happy New Year! I’m so happy to start the year sharing a project that is very special to me and took over two years of head scratching, procrastination, and a good amount of sleeve rolling to complete. I unveil to you…The New York City Archives Map!

The map features items from eleven archives around the five boroughs.The archival objects were selected by a staff member or archivist of each museum, library, or organization. From an heirloom tobacco jar in the Bronx to a circus tramp’s jacket down in Coney Island, I had so much fun drawing and getting to know each of these amazing collections through one object’s story. The map is 16 x 24″ and can be downloaded here.

I want to thank all the archivists and staff members I corresponded with from each repository. Since I didn’t have space on the map to include their names I will list them here:

Natalie Milbrodt and Ian Lewis from Queens Memory, Madeline Thompson from WCS Archives, Stephen Sinon and Nick Leshi from the Mertz Library, Pamela Graham and Chris Laico from Columbia University Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research, Maira Liriano from the Schomburg Center, Emily King from NYU Fales Library, Ruby Johnstone from the Coney Island Museum, Alexandra Dolan-Mescal from Queen College Archives, Cara Dellatte from the Staten Island Museum, Nancy Kandoian from NYPL Map Division, and Jen Hoyer from Interference Archive
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