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A Place for Stray City Relics

City Reliquary photo:Comissar

I was delighted to find the City Reliquary featured on Brooklyn Spaces. The City Reliquary is a quirky little operation on one of the main drags of Williamsburg, Metropolitan Avenue. The museum is roughly the size of two rooms with a rotating exhibition space but there’s plenty to spy in glass cases and cluttered on the walls, from seltzer bottles to Pez dispensers, old subway tokens, and remains of city infrastructure like the aqueducts and railways.

My favorite things might be the sea of Statute of Liberty postcards, all with varying degrees of shadow and light, depending on the time and season they were captured. You can look at the same thing a thousand times and it will look different each time. Which sums up my feelings about Brooklyn, living here my whole life I never get bored and always peer out on the familiar scenes from the elevated trains I’ve seen countless times.

City Reliquary photo:Comissar

Brooklyn Spaces interviewed the President of the Reliquary, read it here.

Images: Maximus Comissar

P.S. Another micro museum delight: The Lunchbox Museum from Cool Hunting.

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