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This Old House

Abandoned House Archive Richard Pilon

I came across the Abandoned House Archives on tumblr one day in 2010 and the images of residences in ruin have never left me. The photographs say it all, image after image of distressed wood, fallen bricks, and paint corrosion. The only information we’re given for each entry is it’s Flickr photo credit.

I am curious as to what compelled the photographers to capture these subjects and am even more fascinated by the young woman who compiled them together under the title of archive. The blog was created by Dani, then a teenager with a penchant for exploring her rural Ontario surroundings. Dani’s blog introduction sends a personal message to the decaying homes, “Your inhabitors may have left you, but i never will.”

Abandoned House Archive Kevin Bauman

Abandoned House Archive Kevin Bauman

Abandoned House Archive tklarts

Images borrowed from top to bottom: Richard Pilon, Kevin Bauman, and tklarts.

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