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New Vinyl Library Lends Sound Waves

Vinyl Library

Though the shop sign above the library says “Luxury Interior Design & Joinery Specialist” don’t be fooled. The Vinyl library in London’s East End is the area’s first vinyl library and cooperative for music sharing. The library wouldn’t be possible without their enthusiastic members, who get to borrow for free, after making a donation. I have always found that music aficionados are eager to share their favorite albums, so it comes as no surprise that the library is already being embraced by music lovers. I’m not based in London, but I’ll be browsing their Facebook page for word about their DJ events and talks.

The Vinyl Library opens today (July 1, 2013). So Londoners, enjoy listening to Pink Floyd backwards and finding rare Beach Boys cuts, just don’t leave your borrowed items in the backseat on a hot day. Here are images from some of my favorite recently found album art.

Beach BoysBillie Holiday

On a related note, The Wire recently published a list of fascinating sound archives selected by ethnomusicologist, author, and lecturer David Novak. The list includes the underground Noise Cassette Archive, Cornell Labs, and The Museum of Endangered Sound. (If that name doesn’t grab your attention, check your pulse!)

Rolling Stones

Images borrowed from discogs and birkajazz.

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