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In case you just woke up from a month long nap: International Zine Month

International Zine Library Day Barnard

July was International Zine Month (IZM.) The zine community cut and pasted their way through the month (including a heat wave for East Coasters) growing awareness for zines and camaraderie for zine makers. To me zines are fun, personal, and often have a sense of humor, and I appreciate the personal touch reflected through the hand assembled components of each booklet.

Jenna Freedman of the Barnard Zine Library (BZL) celebrated International Zine Library Day July 31st with crafts and commemorative buttons. Jenna defines a zine as publication having these five characteristics:

1. Self-published and the publisher doesn’t answer to anyone

2. Small, self-distributed print run

3. Motivated by desire to express oneself rather than to make money

4. Outside the mainstream

5. Low budget

I had always taken a supporter from afar approach to zines, so I used International Zine Month as an opportunity to read more about the history of the zine and even had the chance to contribute to Booklyn Artists Alliance’s (BAA) 24-hr Zine Spree. People dropped in to create a collaborative 24-page zine and the amazing staff at BAA provided the supplies, pizza, and cookies. What could be more conducive to creative zine making?

Zine Spree Library Manifesto

Natalie zine spree

If you missed some of July’s zine festivities, here are links to get you started on zine reading, collecting, and/or making. If you were really into zine month, you can pick up right where you left off.

How to make a one-page zine

Goings on at the Zine Librarian Unconference in Iowa City July 13 – 14 #iczluc

One minute Zine Reviews

July 31st was HallowZINE, pay tribute to self-publishers who’ve past

A list of select Zine Libraries around the country and world

A zine history

Photo of me and Maya by Matt. (I’m on the left.)

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