From April 2010 to July 2011 five issues of Library Manifesto were created and distributed to library schools and through the LM mailing list. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have contributed to LM! Special thanks to the talented Amy for her design and consulting.

Issue No.1

Controlled Vocabulary, Issue 1: Spanish, Internship Climate, Glee, Yale, iGoogle, ARLIS, Library Page, Digital Humanities, Rachels, Fame

Issue No.2

Controlled Vocabulary, Issue 2: Vitamin D, IRB, Vuvuvela, Viral, Josephy Murphy Institute, Bogota, Love, Publish, Perish, Justin Beiber

Issue No.3

Controlled Vocabulary, Issue 3: WFMU, Databases, Social, Michigan, Cultural Capitals, Manifesto

Issue No.4

Controlled Vocabulary, Issue 4: Genealogy, Poverty, Studio Visit, ALCS, Museums

Issue No.5

Controlled Vocabulary, Issue 5: Dada, Paradise, Hotspots, Infographics, Cowboys