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What is Library Manifesto?

People are catching on to what librarians and archivists have known all along, that information is uplifting, powerful, and beneficial! Library Manifesto will present examples of the big and small ideas inspired from libraries and archives, as well as point to examples of the miraculous collections and missions of libraries and the impact these things are having on the bigger picture.

About Natalie

I started Library Manifesto as an MLS student at Queens College, to give students and library professionals a new platform to share their knowledge and experience. Every day I find stories and images about archives, libraries and technology that fascinate me and I hope to share them with you. As editor, I aim to show how those things connect to social, political, and personal topics and can offer us answers to many of life’s mysteries, large and small. Pretty deep, right? I believe libraries are intermediaries between the public and institutions of power. Power comes in the form of government, corporations and academia. I believe libraries provide a methodical approach for ordinary people (and, more importantly, extraordinary people) to sort through the mayhem of stuff and make sense of their world.

Write for Library Manifesto!

Librarians are passionate about their field and are enthusiastic to advance the work they do by helping each other and sharing ideas. Pitch us your ideas! Send in subjects for our ongoing series, original features and essays, and your dissertations and research. E-mail: natalie(at)librarymanifesto.com